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All About The 10 Series

Rolfing® Structural Integration is based on three premises: 1) Most human beings–particularly in industrialized societies–are significantly out of alignment with gravity, and gravity is the single greatest influence on our structures; 2) We move and feel better when our various body segments are aligned; 3) The human body is elastic and can change shape at any time of life.

I have practiced Rolfing in Los Angeles since 2008, and have witnessed the toll that living in our fair city can take on our bodies. A long driving commute alone can be enough to create problems in our structure. Sitting at computers, hauling heavy equipment, standing for long hours on concrete floors, walking on cement pavement, and running on treadmills are all good for my business! My Los Angeles Rolfing clients come to me for help with their posture and to feel better in their bodies.

Rolfing is a process of releasing fixations in chronically held tissue. Over a series of 10 sessions, the release of long-held tissue from injury or overuse encourages your body to reorganize and align. You may experience relief from patterns of strain and discomfort resulting from overuse and injury. Each of the 10 sessions has a specific focus, addressing different segmental relationships within the body. The sessions can be understood in “sections” of 3-4-3, unfolding according to how the body tends to open and reorganize itself; each session building on the one before and preparing the body for the next.

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“Lynn’s work is amazing. She can really listen to what’s going on in my body and address it in a personal way. I can move in ways I couldn’t, have much more flexibility and range of motion since working with her. I had always heard that the Rolfing techniques had to hurt…it turns out they don’t!‎” —Kathy Brannon, Los Angeles

“As a fellow bodyworker, I have never experienced someone with more grace and skill than Lynn.  Her hands are exceptional and her intention is pure and basic–to give you the best care possible.”   —Dr. Lori D. Miller, chiropractor, Los Angeles

“Lynn is a gifted practitioner; perceptive and thoughtful. Her work has lead me to discover a much deeper awareness of my body; I feel better balanced and, for want of a phrase, better integrated. The proof of the practice’s success confronts me every time I catch my reflection in a mirror: I stand straight and my head extends directly up from shoulders. I long resisted doing anything Rolf-like because of misconceptions I had about the practice. Now, I’m a proselyte.”–Danton Miller, Swimmer, Silverlake

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