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2010 January


January 24, 2010

In This Issue: TMJ Disorder Syndrome Have you ever stood up after a couple of hours in front of the computer and suddenly become aware of the tightness in your….jaw? What could sitting at the computer have to do with jaw pain? As more of my clients come to me complaining of “TMJ” –“Temporomandibular Joint” disorder–I have given a lot of thought to the role that Structural Integration plays in helping to alleviate the discomfort associated with this syndrome. I […]

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Love Your Feet

January 23, 2010

Where Do You Stand? Last weekend I attended my friend Robert’s birthday party. I had just sat down with my plate of food next to my friend Sara, who sat conversing with a man wearing rainbow colored striped socks with sandals. Between bites of food and conversation, I kept sneaking glances at the colorful feet. They were asking to be noticed. And notice I did…. ….That is, until a man walked through the room with a step that made the […]

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Low Back Pain

January 23, 2010
Steve * could not remember when it started.enlarge

If you’ve ever had low back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. I write this month’s newsletter for those of us who have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in, have had to brace ourselves on the sink while we brush our teeth, sit down to put on our pants, and watch, filled with envy, as others around us bend over effortlessly. I hope that some of the material in here will be of use to those […]

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