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“I’ve had so much body work over the years (massages, chiropractic, cranio-sacral, Reiki, etc. etc.); I’d even gone through the entire Rolfing 10 series with another practitioner years ago. But, I still had issues with my right hip, my flexibility (or lack thereof) and also got regular migraines. I felt an improvement in each area from the very first session, and by the tenth I can honestly say that I have NEVER felt better physically in my life. I have no aches, pains, discomfort… and best of all, I’ve only had one headache in the last four months (a miracle considering I used to get them 2 times a month). Don’t get my wrong, this work can be pretty intense, but Lynn is very sensitive and will only go as far as you can comfortably handle. It’s a commitment to do ten sessions, yes, but the results are so worth it. Your whole body will change for the better!”– Ruta Vaisnys, Fitness Aficionada, Silverlake

“As a massage therapist with 15 years experience I know how difficult it is to find good bodywork. I have known Lynn since she started her career and have watched her grow into one of best. Twice I have called her while experiencing pain- once in my low back and once in my hips. She was able to resolve each problem in one visit. While obviously talented and intuitive, her strong desire to learn and her intention to help others is what I admire most.‎”–Robert Berryman, L.M.T., Aroma Therapist, Echo Park

“Seeing Lynn Cohen is always a treat. Whenever I get into her space I feel open and enlightened as she has a great energy around her and makes valuable observations. Her sessions leave me feeling relaxed and more grounded that continue for days. I have a very stressful lifestyle and Lynn helps me de-stress and find balance amongst the chaos. Thank you for always being such a beacon of light.”  —Daniella Eisman, Director, Los Angeles

“Lynn’s work is amazing. She can really listen to what’s going on in my body and address it in a personal way. I can move in ways I couldn’t, have much more flexibility and range of motion since working with her. I had always heard that the Rolfing techniques had to hurt…it turns out they don’t!‎” —Kathy Brannon, Los Angeles

“As a fellow bodyworker, I have never experienced someone with more grace and skill than Lynn.  Her hands are exceptional and her intention is pure and basic–to give you the best care possible.”   —Dr. Lori D. Miller, chiropractor, Los Angeles

“Lynn is a gifted practitioner; perceptive and thoughtful. Her work has lead me to discover a much deeper awareness of my body; I feel better balanced and, for want of a phrase, better integrated. The proof of the practice’s success confronts me every time I catch my reflection in a mirror: I stand straight and my head extends directly up from shoulders. I long resisted doing anything Rolf-like because of misconceptions I had about the practice. Now, I’m a proselyte.”–Danton Miller, Swimmer, Silverlake

“I had a fall at work, literally on my face, that cracked my jaw, threw my skeleton out of whack, and provided several muscle spasms.  Lynn’s structural-defining, deep body work completely realigned me and gave me the inner space to heal the whole package.  I had no interest in recurring patterns of tension in my body, and ten sessions of this work seems to have eliminated all of them.  I feel really solid in my body, yet open and loose at the same time–and it’s really pushed my yoga practice along as well.”–Michele Gentille, Echo Park

“I’m about to get my 9th session with Lynn and I can’t rave enough about the wonderful benefits I’ve received from the first 8. I had chronic hip pain before starting the series, and after only 5 or 6 sessions I noticed it dissipating a great deal, and now I rarely even notice any problem or discomfort in the joint at all! Nobody else was able to solve that issue for me, and I had seen a variety of healthcare practitioners, including a medical doctor, chiropractors, massage therapists and a cranial sacral therapist. I don’t know how many more years of pain I would’ve been in had it not been for Lynn. I also feel an overall improvement in my flexibility and mobility. I highly recommend this 10 session series by Lynn Cohen!” —Barb Johns, Los Angeles

“I had a session with this practioner that was superb. I am a celllist and was in the area from out of town. I was referred to her by a friend. She helped me a great deal. She is one of those rare people with professional knowledge and true healing touch. I highly recommend her.‎”–A. L., cellist, Berkeley, CA

“Lynn, ten weeks of Rolfing flew by in a hurry. I can’t believe it’s over.  Thanks again for introducing me to the incredible healing world of Rolfing. Your knowledge, patience and expertise have made my life, my shoulders and, my neck so much happier. I’m sorry I waited so long in life to check it all out and lived with the fear that it was all going to be so painful. NOT! You’re great! I’ll call you in 6 months for the tune-up.” —Scott DeShong, Los Angeles

“Lynn Cohen is an OUTSTANDING therapist. From the very first time she worked on my body, I could tell she had both the intuition and the understanding of the human body, in conjunction with the mind. Her approach is very unique and well thought through. Besides an already large experience, she keeps her mind and spirit open to discover new techniques and to develop furthermore her very special gift. I would also add that, having been a musician herself, she does understand the needs and issues that we, musicians, have to address on a regular basis. Highly recommended!”–Cecilia Tsan, cellist, Altadena

“I am nearing the end of my “Ten Series” now and am having an incredible experience as a direct result of these sessions.  The benefits for me lie in the the holy trident of growth: mind, body, and spirit.  In all three of these areas there has been tremendous healing.  I came to Lynn with chronic ankle pain stemming from a neglected break.  To my amazement, I am nearly pain free and have a vastly increased range of motion.  What I did not count on happening is the healing of old messy emotional and spiritual wounds.  They are not gone but I know for certain these sessions have pushed me forward to a place I didn’t even know to aspire to. Growth happened.”–Greg Zanchelli, athlete, Los Angeles

“With energy and body intuition Lynn will have you eagerly anticipating each session. Her pre-session explanations will give you maxium involvement for maxium results”.–Warren Mullisen, Purchaser

“i am so thankful for lynn and her wonderful gift. rolfing always intrigued me…and then, i met lynn!.. and started the 10 session series with her…. eveyday i put her teachings into practice! i feel much more in-tune with what my body needs from me and think everyone could benefit from lynn’s talent!” —Catherine Dodd, Interior Designer, Los Angeles‎

“She really has a great understanding of the body and knows how to work the muscle in an effect yet pain free way. I was cured from wearing a leg lift for a chronic back problem. A++”–Shaughn Buckholz, Actor, Los Angeles

“I had heard of “Rolfing,” read about it, asked a few medical people about it, checked out prices, looked at it on YouTube. My goal was relief from immediate pain; I suffered neck and shoulder pain without respite for more than a year. In my mid-fifties, I halted all  prescribed anti-inflammatories and painkillers. Physical therapy only convinced me that a more hands-on approach was necessary. The pain and medications were negatively impacting my personality.  When I discovered ROLFWORKS in my own neighborhood (Echo Park) in Los Angeles, I figured it was time to check out “structural integration.”  I figured if I didn’t find a way to address this neck and back problem now, I would live with gripping pain for the rest of my life.  After Lynn Cohen interviewed me and explained what she had to offer, she asked me to commit to three sessions. I committed myself to ten.  Session one was very enlightening as to how structural integration (or “rolfing”) differs from massage. Its strangeness was gone by session three. I already felt a significant change in my energy. Noticeable flexibility was returning by session four, and I was no longer experiencing pain from daily activities. I had total relief from neck and shoulder pain by session eight. Although I had never stopped my three-mile walks several times per week, I recaptured the joy of walking; my posture was unscrunched and ever-straightening. I was physically able to take up all the activities I had started to refrain from.   Lynn is very good at answering questions. I am grateful for the pain relief, and have promised myself to return for “tune-up” every few months. I’m still in my mid-fifties, and it feels good from toe-to-head. I haven’t taken an anti-inflammatory in months.”–Chuck Gelsinger, teacher, Echo Park

“I would highly recommend Lynn as a competent, caring insightful Rolfer.  I’ve been in 8 car accidents from 1974-2006 and have suffered much pain and my body has been so locked up and frozen that basically, it’s been hard to get off the couch, having no energy whatsoever.  I have had significant improvements with Lynn over the past 6 weeks.  I have energy—I’ve actually worked out 3 times (and I don’t work out) and taken 2 walks on purpose!   I feel better in my body—it FINALLY feels like it’s working WITH me instead of AGAINST me.   My head feels lighter—it’s felt like a bowling ball for 20 years.  My range of motion is better and it feels like there’s more space in my body.    I’ve had sinusitis for over 20 years and even after 2 surgeries, it’s impossible to breathe out of my nose.  From the very first session with Lynn I’ve been increasingly breathing easier and better.    My hips were SO locked up that it hurt to stand and to walk very far.  I feel like a new person and am very grateful to Lynn for taking on such a challenge as I.  She’s awesome and you’d be lucky to have the privilege of being worked on by her.  This experience, for me, was life changing and very healing and I’m SO grateful to have had it.  So just say “yes” to working with Lynn and you won’t be sorry.”   –Sherry Munday, Boulder, CO